Celebrating Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2022

Celebrating Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week 2022

Teaching and Serving Children is a work of Heart!

We felt all the love and appreciation this week! We want to express our gratitude to our families for demonstrating their appreciation by providing us with breakfast, lunch, and some tasty, delicious desserts. We can’t thank them enough!

Every day this week, we shared a small token of appreciation not only to our educators but to the rest of our staff, such as our administrators, family workers, bookkeepers, cooks, custodians, and substitutes. Every member of Nuestros Niños contributes to the functionality and success of our organization, where the overall goal is to serve our future generation in the best possible way.

Thank you to everyone at Nuestros Niños for your hard work and dedication to the children we serve. Although this week was about you, you lent a helping hand as needed, and for that, I am proud to say that the quote: “Teamwork makes the dream work” really holds its true meaning at Nuestros Niños.

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