Nuestros Niños Day Care Center
384 S 4th St Brooklyn, NY


Welcome to Nuestros Niños Day Care Center

We focus on laying the foundation for children to acquire literacy, mathematics and critical thinking skills as well as the social, emotional, physical and creative development.

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What parents say

Nuestros Niños Testimonials

Nuestros Ninos is a Southside institution and a crucial part of the lives of so many of our families. I attended as a kid so I know this firsthand.

Antonio Reynoso

Council Member

My twins have been enrolled at Nuestros Ninos for two years, and I am thoroughly pleased with the level of care and education. All the teachers and assistants are simply wonderful with the children and know how to engage them. There are constantly doing interesting art projects, learning about other cultures, history, etc. I couldn’t be happier.



Son muy amables,y te ayudan en todo lo que necesitas.y sus proveedoras son un amor. gracias a todos los que forman parte de este lugar.



Our activities

Skills That Children Will Learn
  • Table/Floor Toys
  • Outdoor Games
  • Sand Play
  • Play Dough
  • Building Blocks
  • Water Play

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